Facebook launches Shops as new online retail space for small businesses


Earlier in the week, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is launching a shopping feature. This service will allow businesses to display and sell products on the world’s largest social networks including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Facebook will be also rolling out a tool to connect loyalty programmes and a shopping feature showing product tags underneath live videos, allowing viewers to make purchases while watching. According to, the platform founder more than 800 million people engage with live videos daily across Facebook and Instagram.

In consequence, creating an ideal advert option for your e-commerce product.

According to the company, Facebook Shops has been in development for over six months and can provide a digital window for businesses to sell their products via multiple platforms owned by the company.

While the company has kept the service free for now, Facebook Shops could soon add millions of small and medium-sized business to start selling their products online, boosting Facebook’s ad revenue.

If you have an online store or want to set one up, using Facebook is an easy and effective way to boost your sales. This will help you expand your reach and find more customers – since people are more likely to spend time on those platforms.

Why sell on Facebook

You might be wondering why you’d want to create a Facebook Store. Surely it’s enough just to have a great e-commerce website? Well, think again!

Facebook has a base of over 2 billion active users every single month.That’s too many potential customers to turn away! Undeniably it’s one of the online spots where people spend the majority of their time. Think of your of personal experience. How many times a day do you surf through Facebook and click on links or “like” posts? Great, you’ve got your answer. It’s most likely a lot, even during your break or workday.

Therefore, it’s time to take advantage of Facebook as a selling platform. If you don’t expand to where your customers hang out the most, you can easily lose to your competitors.

Both Facebook and Instagram previously supported a degree of e-commerce — for example, Facebook has its own Marketplace and will likely make even a bigger push through its, while Instagram allows users to buy products featured in posts and ads. But the company’s new tools go further, enabling businesses to create a full-fledged Facebook Shop.

New Facebook feature - Facebook Shop ( May 2020 )
Source: Facebook

The May 2020 update, which is starting to roll out this week is also the company’s biggest move into e-commerce yet.

With Facebook Shops, business owners can create a dedicated “shop” segment of their Facebook or Instagram page and build out a catalogue of their products for users to browse and buy. Importantly, most actual purchases won’t be happening on Facebook. Product listings will direct to a business’ existing website — unless it’s one of a handful of companies using Facebook or Instagram’s in-app checkout feature. Shop owners can also chat with potential customers on Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Direct.

Instagram Shops Feature May 2020

Source: Facebook

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