Digital Strategies For a Post-Lockdown Marketing Plan by Vindicta Digital


The COVID- 19 pandemics has been a threat to the entire global economy and without a doubt; businesses took the biggest hit of all.

It is hard for anyone to predict how life and business will change over the coming months as the country tries to return to normal. Although what is for sure is that preparing for life post-lockdown sooner rather than later is a necessity.

There’s one question on almost everybody’s mind right now – when will the lockdown end? Unfortunately, we can’t give you a definitive answer to that. But what we can do is help you and your business adapt to life after the lockdown.


Don’t Ignore The Situation

Whilst many people don’t want to think about the virus anymore, it is a mistake to try to ignore it completely. You may have noticed that many ads you see on television or hear on podcasts are related to the pandemic, and this is because it is at the forefront of everyone’s minds all the time. Mentioning it isn’t pandering, it helps people to feel connected to the brand.

Successful marketing means always being willing to adapt and change with the circumstances. Make your offers relevant to what your target market is going through right now, what they will need, and what they will be more likely to spend money on. If consumers feel that you understand their situation this will help them to trust your brand over others. Which takes us to the next point.


Communicating Your Post-Lockdown Plan

Your post-lockdown marketing plan should consider all elements of your online presence, what your customers will want, how you will reach your business goals, and whether those goals have changed. You should also consider how you’re going to monitor the situation and measure the success of your campaigns.

Once you have a plan for how your business will operate post-lockdown, one of the first things you should do is let your customers know. Tell people what to expect – will your business return to normal operations straight away, or will you run at reduced capacity for a while longer? How will people be able to get in touch with you – if your phone lines are currently unavailable, will they be available again straight away? If you’ve had a reduced offering, will more products become available, and when will this happen? You may not know the answer to these questions yet, pending government advice, but you could plan a few scenarios so that when the time comes, you know which course of action makes sense for you to take and what the timescale and list of actions will be.

Review Your Paid Advertising

As part of changing your marketing strategy during the pandemic, you may have paused or reduced any paid advertising you had running, either because of an anticipated reduction in sales and traffic or because your business is experiencing a higher demand for products even without the added volumes paid advertising would bring. Thinking ahead now, which campaigns will you want to start up again after the lockdown?

Maybe you have some specific products in mind that you would like to push, or you’d like to run a new offer to encourage people to start buying again. You may need a completely new campaign that will appeal to your target persona in this different buying environment. If you run paid search ads with both Google and Facebook, will you want to start using both again straight away, or ease back into spending? What budget will you be comfortable with, and how will you measure the success of your campaigns?

You may also want to consider whether you want to resume marketing through every channel you did previously. What has worked for you during the lockdown, and do you think it will continue to work? For example, are your email marketing campaigns bringing so many sales that you’d prefer to focus your efforts there, or do you need your PPC up and running as quickly as possible to boost sales?

These are the questions worth answering.


Improve Content

With so many aspects of business taking a backseat during the Covid-19 lockdown, now’s the perfect time to get creative. The best way to release creativity and build upon the strength of your brand or business is to start preparing a content strategy for when lockdown comes to an end.

We have mentioned this many times before, content marketing is at the heart of the most successful digital marketing campaigns. It is what communicates the message of your brand/business and engages with the audience.

Content fills a significant role in every part of your online presence. It helps to determine how your business or brand is represented across a variety of different platforms. Engaging content is one of the main ingredients for getting people to discover and explore your website.
With all of this time locked away inside, you can really begin to focus on developing a way to utilise your content to help, your business to recover from this life-changing situation we’re in right now.

In addition, when your leads and customers start to see that you are consistently publishing content across platforms, they may come to see you as a leader within the industry.

E-Commerce Rise

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep people indoors, buying online has quickly grown to be even larger than before. The online retailers who experienced this sudden increase in demand often couldn’t keep up with orders leading to major delays.

Now that lockdown restrictions are slowly lessening, this change in consumer behaviour is unlikely to dissipate. Anxiety around the coronavirus and social outings is expected to persist in the coming months. Many customers will still be hesitant to venture out into busy public spaces, and others may be advised not to due to being considered ‘at-risk’.

For this reason, e-commerce is likely to emerge with a bigger share of sales after this crisis ends. It is important to remember, however, that there will be increased competition with many businesses coming to realise that they can’t afford to not be online.

Planning your online marketing now can help you stand out from the crowd, and the team at Vindicta Digital can help you make a meaningful impression in this noisy competitive business environment.




Improve SEO

Got some extra time on your hands during COVID-19?

Make sure that your website is up to scratch and operates under good SEO principles, ready for when business takes off again. It can be difficult for smaller businesses to stay on top of SEO because search engine algorithms change so frequently. This is the perfect time for you to research how your current SEO practices hold up and make any changes necessary to improve your site’s visibility on SERPs.

If your SEO is watertight by the end of the pandemic, this should ensure that you will have an advantage on the competition from the off.



Last Thoughts

Here at Vindicta Digital our highly experienced team can offer help and advice on your current marketing strategy and identify areas where improvements can be made. With cost-effective packages, we can take the hassle out of managing your online presence and help to ensure your business puts it’s best digital foot forward now and in the future.

If you would like any help with navigating online marketing during or after the coronavirus pandemic, let us know how we can help.


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