Has Consumer Behaviour Changed?


In the space of a year, consumer behaviour has changed drastically as retailers closed their doors and most outlets operated online. The pandemic has reshaped the consumer goods industry and is something that businesses need to adapt to. E-Commerce is an all-rounder solution when it comes to keeping up with consumer trends. Here is how their behaviour has changed and what you can do to keep up.


How has consumer behaviour changed?

Consumers are shopping locally

Last year we were restricted to our hometowns and small businesses were forced to shut. Most communities realised the importance of supporting local as our local supermarkets were there for us when we needed them when panic buying took over. Consumers are now making decisions to buy local produce and clothing instead of large retailers. Having an online presence is more important than ever because it gives businesses the ability to reach a wider audience and be on the same platform as larger competitors.

Conscious consumption

Our country is on the path of recovering from an economic downfall COVID-19 created. Consumers are being mindful of what they buy and limiting unnecessary purchases. Sustainability is also playing a key decider when it comes to purchasing. Consumers are more aware of their impact on the environment. This is an opportunity for businesses to reshape their marketing mix and make adaptions to their packaging and distribution chain. Small changes to become more sustainable don’t go unnoticed by consumers, therefore it’s important to adapt when necessary.

The power of social media & e-commerce

According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of social media users use their platforms to research products. As well as that, 71% are more likely to purchase products based on social media referrals. This shows the increasing influence social media is having on how consumers make purchases, and it shows no sign of stopping. With features such as Instagram shop rising to the surface on social media, it’s no surprise consumer behaviour is changing. Businesses should ensure they are using social media to support and promote their e-commerce website so that they get the best of both worlds!

E-commerce is here to stay

In 2020, almost 87% of UK households made online purchases which was the highest rate within the country in 11 years. If your business doesn’t have an e-commerce website, this highlights that you’re missing out on valuable consumers and it’s time to invest! Unfortunately, we have seen huge brands such as Topshop and Debenhams taken off our high streets and moved to online platforms. This emphasises that the e-commerce world is going nowhere, only up, therefore, make sure you aren’t left behind.

If you’re in need of an e-commerce website or fancy a refresh to keep up with consumer behaviour, you’re in the right place. Vindicta Digital are experts in researching the best e-commerce solution for your business and providing attention to detail. Get in touch today!

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