A Guide to Keyword Research


Most people probably hear the phrase “keyword research” in situations and wonder, what actually is it? Keyword research is the foundation to any successful SEO campaign and the first stepping stone in the process. Our Belfast SEO experts are no strangers to the process, so here is a quick guide to getting started!

What are keywords?

Keywords are simply the words and phrases users insert into search engines. They can also be referred to as SEO keywords or search queries.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research involves understanding and determining the words and phrases your target audience use when searching for your products, services or content. Once you have established their language, it’s essential to analyse and compare which keywords provide the best opportunities to reach those customers.

The research is vital as it’s the only way to understand what your customers are searching for. If this step is skipped, businesses often waste time and effort creating content that no one is interested in – which provides no results.

A guide to getting started

1. Brainstorm relevant keywords

A good starting point for keyword research is brainstorming any keywords that are associated with your business. These necessarily won’t be the words you use to target customers but if used in a research tool, they can help generate a useful list. Once you have established these keywords, you can use platforms such as Google Keyword Planner that will generate a list of further related keywords. This tool also shows the monthly search volume for each word so you can see which ones are most popular.

2. Check what your competitors are ranking for

Assuming you have already established who your competitors are, the obvious thing to do is check which keywords they are ranking for. This is common sense as you want to be appearing in the same search results as them (and higher). So if you’re a local Belfast coffee shop, try searching ‘Coffee Belfast‘ and see where your competitors appear.

3. Prioritise your list

Having compiled a comprehensive list of pertinent and valuable keywords, the next step is to pinpoint the paramount ones. These chosen words are the compass for tracking your rankings, serving as the cornerstone of your traffic and revenue. Nonetheless, the significance varies based on your industry’s competitiveness. Trust this strategic approach to steer your digital ship through the vast sea of possibilities.

4. Plan landing pages and content

With your keywords secured, it’s time to put them to use. Identify which keywords are relevant to specific landing pages. For example, your priority list may only be relevant to a couple of pages so move further down the list and use additional keywords to enhance your optimisation and reach a wider range of phrases.

5. Refine over time

Our Belfast SEO experts are always refining client’s keywords list through analytics data and current trends. Make this a monthly task as it’s a great way to identify new opportunities and not miss something your competitor has picked up!


Are you in need of keyword research?

Our Belfast SEO experts are always wanting to help businesses with keyword research. We put time and effort into discovering the appropriate solution for your needs which will result in success. Start your SEO journey today!

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