Google Launches Virtual Business Cards in India


This week started eventfully for Google.

On Monday afternoon Google suffered a huge glitch, causing many to believe a massive algorithm change had occurred. The problem has since been fixed, but it appeared to have affected search traffic worldwide for a matter of hours.

You can read more here: Google Suffers Major Glitch / Failed Update – August 10th, 2020
New Google Feature - Business Cards
Image: Google

On Tuesday, Google launched a new feature which now allows users in India to create ‘People Cards’, which are like virtual business cards, making it easier for them to build an online presence and discover others.

In a limited launch, Google is testing virtual business cards in search results that show up when a person’s name is searched for. In other words, new people card feature is letting individuals highlight themselves in search results like never before.

As for now, the virtual business cards have only launched in India with no plans to be expanded just yet.

How to Create a Virtual Business Card


You can create this card in a simple three-step process. 

Those who are able to create their own people card can do so by either searching their name or entering the query “add me to Search.” Before you do that, make sure you’re signed into the Google account which contains the information you wish to add.

After entering “add me to Search” click on the prompt that appears.

From there you’ll be able to add the following details to your people card:

  • The image from your Google account
  • A description of yourself
  • A website link
  • Links to social profiles
  • Phone number
  • Email address

You can decide how much of the above information you want to include in your people card.

Virtual business cards are designed by Google with business professionals in mind. It’s a great option for performers, influencers, entrepreneurs, job hunters, freelancers, or anyone looking to grow their presence online.

A people card can include a website link, links to social profiles, and any other information you want people to know about you.

When you search for someone’s name, and they have a people card, you’ll see a module with their name, profession and location.

If you are lucky to share the same name with someone else, then multiple modules will appear. Searchers can then use the provided information to distinguish between the different individuals.

Only one virtual business card per user for better safety

To prevent abusive or offensive content and ensure safety, only one People Card is allowed per Google account. All users must authenticate their People Card with a unique mobile number. So for anyone looking to create multiple cards, they will require different Google accounts and different mobile numbers for each.

Can you still access Virtual Business Cards outside of India?

People located outside of India have managed to set up their own people card through the use of a VPN.

Google has yet to say if or when the feature will hit other regions.

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