Vindicta Digital – Determined to Grow Liverpool Businesses Using Digital

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Vindicta Digital, as omnipresent as they are online due to their exceptional knowledge on SEO, Social and Digital Marketing have racked up a large amount of clientele from areas across the UK, Ireland and other continents via online lead generation tactics.  

The latest bold strategic move has led to an established location in Liverpool city through TWO, 54 St James Street in which the company, led by Belfast entrepreneur James Blake and his robust team of digital experts, hope to drive their presence and acquire additional SEO and Digital Marketing contracts within the city.

“We have already racked up a few great SEO and Website contracts over the last year in Liverpool.  I believe Liverpool is a city of great growth and potential for any business.  We’ve already helped grow businesses in the city through improving e commerce sales, acquiring more inbound leads via their website and simply by improving their digital presence. Although i am predominately based operationally in Belfast myself, we have some feet on the ground through a colleague currently in Liverpool and it’s worked great for us.  Now we’ve a base to operate from, the beautiful offices operated by TWO, I will certainly be in Liverpool a lot more and I am thoroughly looking forward to expansion within a great city.”

James Blake, Founder of Vindicta Digital 

Vindicta Digital will be operational around TWO’s stunning 54 St. Liverpool Street offices with hopes to grow and expand in 2020.

For all enquires relating to digital services in Liverpool please call us on: 01515 425 007 Or alternatively visit our project estimate page and we will get back to you.

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