Vindicta and Zymplify Announce Partnership

Vindicta Digital and Zymplify are pleased to announce their strategic alliance that will now allow for additional service offering for both of the companies ever expanding client bases.  

Zymplify is the fastest-growing European-based digital marketing software company, with offices in Portstewart, Belfast, London, and Boston. Zymplify aim to help their clients grow their businesses through our integrated sales and marketing software, helping them understand their customers from first click to close.  

Vindicta Digital whom are based in Belfast, Leeds and most recently Liverpool are known for their award winning SEO campaigns and digital marketing / web development skills that have led to the generation of millions of pounds in revenue for clients across the UK, Ireland and Europe over the last few years.  

Vindicta have now become Zymplify’s SEO specialist partner and will be working very closely with the Zymplify team and their clients to develop SEO strategies, Google rankings and produce ultimately revenue/leads.  Zymplify will be offering their state of the art platform to Vindicta clients which allows users to access amazing features such as mining the web for leads that have only good buyer intent levels.

“I was thoroughly impressed when I met with director Becky Mercer and CEO, Michael Carlin.Once I seen the demo in action I knew this was something we could introduce to our clients and I also knew that we could massively aid the softwares already digital aware client base through our SEO campaigns.Due to the nature of both businesses there are natural synergies. This sparked the conversation of a partnership and I am delighted with the outcome.”

James Blake, Founder of Vindicta Digital


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