Best Practices for Google Ads: Maximizing Performance and Results

Best practices for Google Ads

Google Ads are a brilliant way to get your business noticed, there are a few best practices you should follow to ensure your campaign is successful. In this article, we take you through the top best practices for Google Ads that you should be implementing. 

Experiment with New Google Ads Features (Before They Become Compulsory)

ETAs expiring, responsive search ads becoming the default kind, privacy-first conversion monitoring, Performance Max campaigns… The changes are daunting if you are not a Google Ads expert.

You can’t ignore them, unfortunately. Google has made it clear that it intends to prioritise automation in the future years.

Answer Responsive Search Ads

Get on board by launching your first Responsive Search Ad campaign.

Examine your most successful Expanded Text Ads to identify the best-performing components (headline, descriptions, CTAs, ad features).

Then add them to your RSA variations. RSA utilises many headlines and description choices to present searchers with dynamically personalised adverts. 

Launch Your First Performance Maximisation Campaign

Google invites us further into its fortress with a new campaign type: Performance Max. “Pmax” distributes your advertising across several channels and uses machine learning to widen your audience, so take advantage of Google’s access to searcher data.

Prepare to set aside a chunk of your capital for Performance Max testing, as it can be expensive, but view it as a learning opportunity!

Follow the Google Ads best practices for Performance Max campaigns in 2022, which include:

  • Optimising for the appropriate amount of purpose
  • Mapping your asset groupings to audience signals and intent levels

Always double-check automated suggestions

Many PPC experts advise using Google’s ad recommendations automatically. However, we advise you to double-check with a laser eye before implementing them. 

Why? Because some ad agencies immediately apply suggestions without checking what impact they will have. With few conversions, it could drive your expenditure through the roof.

Do not implement suggestions automatically.

Check them for consistency with your campaign objectives.

The same is true for AI recommendations. Google has massive quantities of data, but its AI wants to put it to the test. Testing entails making mistakes, which is undesirable for marketers looking to reduce their CPC.

Improve Your Negative Keyword List

Due to the additional match kinds, you must either:

To void having your ads appear for the wrong keywords, your greatest (and easiest) defence against conversion loss is to expand your negative keyword list.

Add to your list any terms that have traditionally produced no conversions. As an example:

  • “Free” 
  • “Free quotation”

Should You Use Google Ads Bidding Strategies That Are Automated?

Automated and sophisticated bidding tactics may help you raise your revenue, but unless you’re an experienced advertiser, we don’t advocate making the modifications on your own.

Consult one of our specialists here at Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency when it comes to trying out something to do with your Google Ads. We can also take over the management of your Google Ads and provide you with a free quote for our services, get in touch today!

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