Examples of Effective Google Ads Campaigns from Various Brands and Analyze what Made Them so Effective

Examples of Effective Google Ads Campaigns

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for examples of brilliantly handled Google Ads campaigns.

In this article, we’ll look at examples of Google Ad campaigns from various sectors, as well as extensive analyses of what makes them effective.

Let’s start.

What factors contribute to a successful Google Ads campaign?

Every advertising campaign has two separate phases: pre-click and post-click.

The pre-click phase includes everything your audience sees before clicking on an advertisement.

The post-click phase consists of the landing page experience that people get after clicking on your ad.

Many digital marketers focus too narrowly on optimising simply the advertising when establishing ad campaigns (the pre-click phase). A smart Google Ads campaign will also provide an enticing post-click experience that will persuade clients to remain, study, and finally convert. It will consist of the following:

  • Personalisation: Ads and landing pages deliver a customised experience to each audience segment.
  • Ads and landing sites should highlight the same selling principles.
  • Conversion-centred design: Post-click landing page design focuses on a single purpose.
  • Product landing pages are used instead of standard product pages to increase conversion rates.

Advertisers can use these strategies to seamlessly connect the pre- and post-click stages, producing a seamless route to purchase. Optimising the post-click experience can enhance not just the client journey but also conversion rates.

Now that we understand what it takes to produce a great advertising campaign let’s take a look at three organisations that are conducting must-see Google Ads ads.


Endy is a Canadian brand that distributes boxed mattresses. The mattress market has exploded as a result of Casper’s popularity, which has spawned dozens of large competitors. Endy differentiates itself by tailoring its pre- and post-click experiences for its Canadian target.

Endy’s ad for a “mattress” search is as follows:

Examples of Effective Google Ads Campaigns one

Endy’s advertisement is convincing since:

  • The message is tailored to the audience (“Canada’s Best Mattress”).
  • It contains an enticing offer (“Get a Free Weighted Blanket”).
  • Shows social proof (“6,387 Reviews”).


Shopify is an e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. They provide standalone online storefronts, integrations to transform existing websites into e-commerce sites, point-of-sale systems, and other services to assist businesses in selling their products anywhere.

Their diverse range of products and clients need smart segmentation of their advertising and consumers.

The following ad targets “start an internet store” searches:

Example of Effective Google Ads Campaign Shopify

This advertisement clearly targets small companies. The ad extensions highlight potential e-commerce business owners’ problems, such as how to register a domain or sell handcrafted things online.


Docebo is a software-as-a-service learning management system (LMS). Companies establish e-learning programmes for their workers, partners, and consumers using their goods.

Here’s a look at Docebo’s ad and a few competitor ads for the “learning management system” keyword search:

Example of Effective Google Ads Campaign Docebo

We hope you gained some value from these Google Ads. You could even apply some elements of these Google Ads to your own campaign.

If you are stuck with where to start with your Google Ads, contact Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency today. 


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