7 Powerful Benefits of PPC for Small Businesses


You need web traffic to sell your products or services, grow your audience, or gain affiliate and ad revenue. As a small business, your marketing budget is precious. In turn, most owners are apprehensive to approach new marketing initiatives.

Although search engine optimization is an important marketing strategy for all businesses, big brands and companies receive the most hits because they rank higher in searches for wide-ranging keywords.

Since Google users typically don’t bother clicking past the second page of their search results, now is the time for small businesses to increase their exposure with the use of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

If you’re a small business owner who is ready to enhance your business’s digital marketing strategy, check out the following ways to build your PPC campaign.

If you are new to the PPC don’t worry, we have you covered!


What Exactly is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising is an effective marketing tool to balance your budget and quickly increase your web traffic. The benefits of PPC are often significant for small business owners.

PPC is a type of digital ad that appears online as banners, pop-ups and other formats. People see PPC ads in search engine results and in a range of ways on social media outlets Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

With this type of advertising, businesses pay when people click on their websites or landing pages.

Pay-per-click ads are mostly based on keywords, which you bid on as part of setting up your campaign. Your ad will show up when someone searches for a specific keyword.

Choose from the following platforms:

  • GoogleGoogle AdWords. Google is by far the most popular search engine and PPC ad platform option; it allows companies and advertisers to research optimal keywords to offset the PPC fee.
  • Bing – As the second-most-used search engine, Bing ads typically cost less than Google ads and appear on the Yahoo search engine.
  • Facebook – As a social media platform for PPC campaigns, Facebook is by far the most used.
  • Twitter – Twitter can be a useful tool to promote deals, share content, and enhance company exposure in short 160 characters.
  • Instagram – If your small business can create visual images as a means of putting forth an important message, Instagram may be a great platform for your PPC campaign. It’s also the most creative platform to use. Your ads can either be displayed on the News Feed of Instagram Stories.

Develop Your Strategy

1. Targeted Audience

Traditional forms of advertising are more of a wide net that is spread across a large area. For PPC, advertisements just show potential clients in the first place looking for specific keywords. If someone clicks on such an ad, you can be sure it’s not an accidental misclick, but they’re interested in your message at least somewhat.

There is also greater control over the ad because you can monitor when and where it may appear. In addition, this allows you a much wider range of influence on targeting an audience that is important to what you offer. You should set up your marketing campaign to optimize your visibility and increase the conversion rate once you know who you are interacting with.

Putting your ad in front of your target audience increases the chances of getting a click-through. You’re also more likely to convert with a sale or other desired outcome since the person should be interested in your business.

Targeting your audience also works well if you have a local business. When someone does a local search, they will find your ad.


2. Expedient Results

Small businesses need to know as soon as possible about their results. One of its major advantages is the speed with which PPC advertising brings. The company using this marketing strategy can see the effects of its efforts instantly.

The next benefit is the ability to quickly disclose information to the public. Sales, special events, clearances, and products or services with limited editions are just a few examples. There are plenty of reasons for a company, especially one in its infancy, to want fast results.


3. Control

You’re in charge of your spending and ad design when you use PPC advertising. It’s a more controlled way to get the word out about your business. You can change your budget at any time or switch up your target audience, which makes PPC advertising a very fluid option with endless adaptability.

Pay-per-click allows a company to start small if there is an agreement within it for such an action and to scale up over time. Seeing positive results every step of the way, even when you start small, does wonder to increase them later.


Touching upon the pint above, small businesses are often able to drastically improve their ROI with the help of PPC advertisements, as long as these ads are properly applied. This is because every aspect of PPC can be measured with the help of reporting tools and conversion metrics. Businesses can examine what aspect of their marketing campaign is working and which isn’t before making the decision to increase funding. This can majorly drive down costs and make the strategies more effective.

When campaigns turn out to be profitable, increasing costs to specific areas is much easier when you’re given more accurate information regarding their effectiveness. Search terms with high rankings are more easily added to campaigns and keywords are more accurate. Having this kind of control over marketing can be very beneficial to small businesses with limited budgets.

5. Increased Brand Awareness

As a small business, you’re probably not widely known beyond your existing audience. People who aren’t aware of your company won’t search for you by name. But they may search for related keywords, which brings up your PPC ads in their feeds.

When your ads start showing up for people, they start to recognize your logo and name. Even if they don’t click the first time, they may become curious when they keep seeing you pop up in the results.


6. Keeps You Competitive

The combined spending from businesses on PPC is in the tens of billions of pounds. They’re used across different industries and they cover a wide variety of products. This means it’s likely that at least some of your competition uses PPC ads in their marketing campaign. This might give them the upper hand when it comes to visibility and reaches, which is why it’s crucial that you stay competitive in the industry.

Businesses that haven’t yet started to apply PPC ads in their strategy are not staying competitive. It’s a missed opportunity for great potential in increased traffic. Using similar strategies to your competition can help, especially when you’re certain that your content and products measure up.


7.Fast Way to Grow Traffic

Building organic traffic takes time as you develop your SEO and grow your audience. You have to rank up in the search results to get any significant traffic.

PPC ads go up immediately, which means you can get traffic much faster. As soon as you set up your campaign, you can start getting clicks through to your target URLs. That increased traffic can help you get more business, gain more exposure, and move up in the search results.


Enjoy the Benefits of PPC

There are countless benefits that come with using PPC advertisements in marketing campaigns. As long as you properly apply SEO strategies and utilize these ads, you’re going to find that your campaigns are going to be a lot more effective. The potential ROI of PPC ads is enormous and this is why businesses are scrambling to implement them in their own marketing strategies.

However, if you find yourself in doubt, contact us for all of your digital marketing needs and together we will build a successful PPC strategy for your business!







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