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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic going in and out of your website. Your website can attract a lot of visitors around the world, but it can be just any kind of traffic that does not share the same interests as what your website is promoting, i.e., products or services. When this happens, chances are your business will not grow or no movement will happen in terms of promoting the business even if there are thousands of traffic coming in and out of your website.

Search engine optimization can change your website design in such a manner that it attracts only the traffic that can have an influence on your business. How will this happen? A search engine optimization process can help put land your website at the top of the results pages. Search engines want to provide the best for their clients and it can impact your rankings.


What do search engines do?

Search engines will crawl and scan through the different websites and by way of the keywords and phrases set in protocols, it will help understand more about the websites and deliver relevant results to those who are searching using certain phrases and keywords.

By improving your search engines you can expand your visibility, thus, this will help you reach more potential clients or customers. With a more effective and engaging SEO, your chance of bringing more organic traffic is increased.

Characteristics of a good SEO

SEO is a powerful strategy that can be used to elevate your search rankings and boost your sales. Unfortunately, many SEO agencies lack the skills and experience to implement SEO effectively. Below are 5 characteristics of a great SEO company:

Keywords – It is important that your keywords include words or phrases that your readers or clients would commonly use and which are related to your services and/or products. Know the language your target clients often use and incorporate this into your website.

Writing the content – The content of your website is the heart of it all. The contents of your website make or break it. You need to have something more than just compelling and which will influence the readers to take action. It is also important that your website contents answer the information needs of the search engine that you are using. Good content will pitch in your website’s rankings.

URLs – It also helps when your website is linked to other pages; these pages ranking, quality, and content, also adds to the effectiveness of your own website. The number of external links used on your website also matters. And also the keyword in the Url helps in ranking.

Tags – Title tags clearly identify your website’s or page’s site while header tags evaluate the content and/or information that is significant in your site.

Analysis – Analysis of how your website performs is also important. Numbers may be provided but it is always very helpful if there is an available analysis on the overall performance of your website so you will know where to make adjustments for improvements.


Choosing a Belfast SEO company

With thousands of search engine marketing firms out there, it can sometimes be difficult to cut through the clutter of statements that are regularly bombarding those hoping to get a piece of the online business pie. Companies that promise guaranteed results can confuse a person trying to decide what steps to take in marketing their business online.

Here are a few must-have characteristics that you should look for when deciding which Belfast SEO Agency to obtain services from:

1. Honesty

No SEO company can outright promise that it will get you to the #1 spot on Google search results—we’ll get more into that below—but a professional SEO company should be able to illustrate, exactly what it will do for you. A few examples include:

  • Performing an audit of your site, homepage, content, or link profile
  • Sending you a monthly report of your site rankings
  • Adding plugins that can enhance your SEO efforts
  • Implementing internal linking across your web pages
  • Offering ongoing website maintenance to help maintain your rankings

The more specific an SEO Belfast company can be about the services it provides, the more knowledgeable it probably is. Look out for answers that are vague or which “pass the buck” to someone else who mysteriously never gets back to you.



2. Realistic

Getting a website on the front page of Google is no easy feat, and a knowledgeable Belfast SEO company knows that. The biggest brands in the world are gunning for that top spot, most of them with significantly more resources behind them. An agency that promises to get you there is kind of like a coach promising he’ll get your kid into the NFL. It’s possible, but it won’t be cheap, fast, or easy. (On that note, watch out for words like “cheap”, “fast”, and “easy”. Quality SEO is none of those things.)

3.Experience and professionalism

When it comes to success in the digital space; the experience of your Belfast SEO Company matters. If you want to have excellent results, it is advisable to choose a company that has considerable experience preferably in dealing with businesses in your field of specialisation. Such companies will have a better understanding of your industry and will deliver excellent SEO campaigns and results. The top Belfast SEO agency should also be knowledgeable about the dynamics of both local and international markets. Such professionals will know your expectations and will work to deliver the results you desire.


4. Best SEO Belfast Agency will genuinely improve your search rankings

SEO is like bodybuilding or construction. It’s about building a strong, solid foundation over a long period of time. As a general rule, results won’t start to show in at least three or four months.

With that said, however, an SEO agency’s job is ultimately to improve your rankings. If 6 to 8 months have passed with no sign of improvement— it’s time to start asking questions.


5. Good reputation

From mobile phones to dental services, it’s rare to blindly make a purchase decision without reading through several online reviews. In 2016, 90% of shoppers read at least one online review before deciding to visit a business.

Current and previous clients will always have much to say about their search engine optimization service providers. By checking the reviews, you will be easily able to determine their strengths and weaknesses.


Looking for a Belfast SEO Agency?

Today, search engine optimisation and digital marketing strategies are an integral part of online marketing. Billions of consumers use their mobile phones every day to seek the best goods and services in their locality. Businesses can tap into these targeted clients when they know the right SEO strategies to employ. This is why businesses in Belfast need the best Belfast  SEO Agency that will improve their website rankings on search engines, boost web traffic, and boost their sales conversion rates. With the above-mentioned qualities in mind, you will surely find the right company.

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