Why Your Glasgow Business Needs SEO In 2022


Why Your Glasgow Business Needs SEO In 2022

Glasgow SEO has always been important, but with the progression of the digital world in 2022, it is even more important. Word of mouth is a great compliment to your business and may bring in enough custom to get you by, but why would you settle for this? It is more common now to ask Google for recommendations than a friend, so you really need to get your business on Google. 

It is 2022…

if you need a hairdresser in Glasgow you are going to type into Google “Glasgow hairdresser”, and more than likely you will choose one that appears organically. We are not naive, we know that for some businesses SEO is not the best strategy. If you own a gym and are in competition with big chains, it may be better for you to look for a Glasgow Google ads agency to get you on the search engine.

Let’s get back to SEO and why your business needs it

We can run localised Glasgow SEO campaigns to increase the traffic to your site, which means more leads and sales. Search engine optimisation is increasingly competitive and so getting to the top of the search is hard. With the right Glasgow SEO agency you should be able to do this. This is not saying that it is easy to achieve or can be done overnight. SEO is a long term strategy and it can take from 3 to 6 months to see any proper results. You have to be patient with SEO and if you are, you will save money in the long term. 

Your Glasgow business needs SEO as it can save you money

You are probably thinking, how can a campaign that costs money, save me money? It is simple, once you get to a good place on the search engine you will get a high amount of organic traffic. If you were to pay for that traffic via google ads, it would cost a lot more than the monthly retainer fee for SEO. 

Let me simplify this

At times the reasoning for the implementation of SEO and the explanation of SEO itself can be overwhelming. A Glasgow SEO team will be able to optimise your site, create weekly SEO blogs, backlinks and monitor key words. Google likes to see all of this when scanning your website and seeing how suitable it is to a specific search, meaning your website will climb the search engine. Whilst you may feel like taking on the task of Glasgow SEO yourself, you need to tread carefully as Google can penalise websites for keyword stuffing and spammy backlinks (methods of black hat SEO).

Overall, you need a Glasgow SEO company as they will do all in their power, and within the guidelines provided by Google, to get you visibility on the search engines. You may even be able to get knowledge and expertise on other areas of digital marketing if you go with a full service agency like ourselves. We have a dedicated Glasgow SEO team who will create a proposal to show you if and how SEO can help your business. If they feel that SEO is not the best route for you, they will suggest other areas we can focus on such as google ads or Glasgow video production.

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