How to choose blog topics that will improve your Leeds SEO ?


Vindicta Digital are a leading SEO Agency in Leeds and have extensive experience in all things SEO – which is why we want to share our top tips for choosing blog content that will benefit your SEO, Leeds.

We spend a lot of time working on content strategies for clients which include determining keywords which are relevant for their business. Creating content such as blogs which live on your website, enables you to answer customers questions in which they are already searching for on Google. The more relevant your content is to those key search terms; the higher Google will rank you within search results.

So, how do we select and where do we find relevant blog topics?

  1. Brainstorm ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have a team of staff, small or big, then pull everyone’s heads together to come up with ideas for your business’s website content. Your team may be filled with people in different roles, however, it’s often the case that one person thinks of an idea that someone else didn’t. For example, the famous Starbucks ‘first name’ idea began in 2011, not from Starbucks marketing department, but from a barista who decided to start writing customers names on cups, which eventually found its way back to the head office – and across social media! This is an important step our SEO Leeds team to include in our strategy as it can kickstart the initial planning process. 

  1. Use your keywords

Using keywords within your website content is key to improving your rankings within search results as Google will show content to users which reflects their search queries therefore, relevancy is highly important. If you share content that resonates with your audience, they will be interested and want to read it! Our Leeds SEO experts take into account all these details when developing a successful SEO strategy no matter what your budget is or what size your business is. 

  1. Google’s free tools

Google offers free insights into what users are searching for which can help inform your decisions when it comes to choosing what content to post online. By following Google Trends, you will be able to see what the most popular topics are on Google search for different countries, and some of which might be relevant for your business! By creating content around this, you will be able to implement keywords to improve your SEO. 

  1. Current industry trends

Similar to Google trends, watch out for any industry trends that may be popular at the time, e.g. if you run a beauty website, are there any new trends out there that you can offer your expertise on? Google ranks websites on search according to expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T) therefore, if you can create relevant, accurate and timely content for your audience, this will do wonders for your SEO Leeds rankings. 

Do you need help creating content that fits your  Leeds SEO Strategy?

Our SEO Leeds agency can develop an effective SEO campaign for your business by producing relevant content which is filled with keywords that will achieve your SEO goals, simply get in touch today!

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