2023 SEO Trends You Should Know: The Power of Manchester SEO

2023 SEO trends you should know | Manchester SEO

What exactly is Manchester SEO? If used correctly, search engine optimisation can be an efficient method of attracting customers to your online platforms. SEO is constantly changing, and keeping up with the latest updates can be difficult. However, the effort is worthwhile: 70% to 80% of users only look at organic results and ignore paid listings. 

To achieve top-tier SEO performance, many metrics must be monitored, including traffic, backlinks, and social shares, to name a few. Our guide will provide you with insights into some of the most relevant search engine optimisation trends to look out for in 2023, allowing you to plan your Manchester SEO strategy accordingly.

2023 SEO trends you should know | Manchester SEO

1. Voice Search Will Have an Impact on Search Queries | Manchester SEO

Voice search technology has advanced significantly as a result of innovations such as Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa. Technology has grown in popularity as it has improved. In fact, 55% of households are expected to own a smart speaker by the end of 2022.

Consider your keywords when optimising for voice search marketing. Recognise longer phrases people use in everyday conversation. Longer, more natural-sounding phrasing performs better in voice searches. Furthermore, when people type, they tend to shorten their sentences. A person could, for example, use voice search. “What is the weather in Manchester today?” but google “weather today Manchester.”

2. Mobile-Friendliness Will Influence Search Engine Rankings | Manchester SEO

Google introduced mobile-first indexing in 2019, which means that the search engine looks primarily at the mobile version of a website, treating it as the “primary” version rather than the desktop version. Given that nearly 73% of internet users will access the internet only through mobile devices by 2025, this change makes sense. Google’s free mobile-friendly test can help you determine how effective your mobile site is. Then, in Google Search Console, look at the “mobile usability” report.

You must ensure that Google can crawl your URLs in order for your page to be user-friendly, so make sure you don’t have a “disallow directive” in place. Also, be aware that Googlebot will not load content that requires user interaction, such as clicking or swiping.

2023 SEO trends you should know | Manchester SEO

3. Long-Form Content Will Aid in the Improvement of SERPs

Long reads of 3,000 words or more receive three times the traffic and four times the shares. They also receive 3.5 times the number of backlinks as articles ranging in length from 901 to 1,200 words. To improve your search rankings, start focusing on long-form content. That being said, your content must be of high quality. The goal is to provide users with shareable content that keeps them interested.

How do you go about doing this? To begin, divide your content into sections using H2 and H3 subheadings. This makes it more scannable. For mobile sites, subheadings are especially important. Second, make sure you link to relevant, authoritative sources that have a high authority score. Finally, ensure that your content is simple to share. Include clear sharing links in the headline and again at the end so that readers can share with a single click.

Now that you’re aware of upcoming Manchester SEO trends, you can expect your business to soar to the top of search results using your newfound SEO knowledge!

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