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Using local SEO for your business

You may be thinking, what is the difference between regular SEO and local SEO? Local SEO, as the name suggests, is essentially regular SEO but local to a specific area. Local SEO is concerned with phrases such as “near me” or specific towns, cities, or regions (e.g. Manchester SEO).

Why is local SEO important? | Manchester SEO

Search engine optimisation is critical for businesses for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, it can help your target audience in finding your business when they are looking for it.

SEO is based on keywords and search terms that users enter into search engines (like Google) or ask virtual assistants (like Siri or Alexa) about. Your ultimate goal as a small business owner is to show on the first page of search results for any given keyword.

This will result in more:

Traffic to a website. More traffic for specific keywords indicates to search engines that your content is valuable, and as a result, your website will rank higher over time.

Conversions. It is well-known that most people who search on Google will click on some of the first results they see. These clicks on those websites can result in sales, form completions, or other conversions.

Local SEO Manchester

1) Keyword research

This is essential if you want to get the most out of your local Manchester SEO. Keyword research is the most valuable aspect when planning and developing a business SEO strategy. It will help you understand what your website visitors are looking for and what search terms they used to find you. Keyword research can also include words or terms to avoid if you are generating the wrong types of traffic, as well as help target visitors in the right locations. 

Conducting keyword research can be daunting at first, but there are tools available to assist you in the process. Google Ads users have access to a keyword planner tool, which includes keyword data for websites linked to its Search Console. There are also a number of paid keyword research tools that can be useful depending on the size of your business, the volume of competitors, and your budget.

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2) On-page optimisation 

Opportunities for local Manchester SEO for a small business exist on every page of your website. The keywords, written content on each page, and other search signals such as meta tags and page architecture are all part of on-page SEO. 

It is critical for your overall search engine rank to include relevant keywords and use natural language on each page of your website. 

Make sure to include keywords in the content of these sections on each page:

Title tag: Using the main page keyword, this main description of a page should tell users exactly what the page is about. Create the title tag in such a way that it is written for the everyday consumer — think of it as a quick caption with one keyword.

Meta description: Using only 155-160 characters, the meta description must include the keyword to describe the context, encouraging everyday customers to click the link.

Alt information: Make sure to describe all images and videos. 

URL: What is the topic of your page? The URL should provide that information. A descriptive URL assures visitors that they are viewing the correct content in the correct location and that it is relevant to their keyword search.

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SEO should be used by every business to help generate webpage and physical traffic to their location. You can help boost your search rankings over time with a solid strategy, keyword research, and optimised content for the appropriate type of customer.

If you would like any help during this process, contact Vindicta Digital Agency today for a FREE quote. 

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