How will local SEO in Manchester evolve and thrive in 2023? | SEO Manchester

How will local SEO be different in 2023?

In the past, businesses may have been able to shy away from local SEO and still get by. In 2023, every business will be online, and this is no longer an option. Local search, including SEO Manchester, is becoming more and more prominent. 

In this article, we have compiled everything you need to know about local Manchester SEO in 2023, so you can stay ahead of the competition!

1. User experience is everything SEO Manchester

In 2020, Google announced that UX features would become factors in Google rankings. This means that your webpage speed and ease of navigation and design are incredibly important in how you’ll rank on search results. If the UX is low, you should expect your search result to be low as well… 

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How do you improve this?

Firstly, you must ensure that your webpage is accessible from both mobile and desktop, at a reasonable speed and with easy navigation. Use online tools to test this and ensure it’s not something you want to risk in 2023! 

Local searches are often for something specific such as SEO Manchester. Find out what this is for your business and ensure users can find it easily when they enter your webpage. Are there opening hours? Is it a specific product or service? What are they looking for, and can they find it? 

2. Google My Business 

Google My Business will be incredibly important in 2023, with research showing that 49% of local businesses will have over a thousand views per month on their Google My Business listing. 

Google My Business is a great tool for local SEO, as it allows the customer to see all your business details in one place after one search. This includes your address, opening hours, contact details and web URL. You can also include positive reviews from previous customers and local keywords to help rank higher on search results. The more active your Google My Business listing is, the higher your rank in search results and the more sales you generate!

3. Voice Content | SEO Manchester

With the rise of Alexa or Google Home, asking questions audibly has become easier than lifting your phone to type it yourself. However, this means things are likely to be worded and asked differently, depending on the different forms of communication. 

For example, while you may type “photographer Manchester”, you could ask Alexa to Google search “photographers in the Manchester area open today”. This will be important to remember in 2023. Local SEO picks up on these differences, as well as local slang and geographical wording, to help decide where you rank on the search results page. Keep this in mind when designing your web page and content!

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4. Pay attention to search intent | SEO Manchester

Did you know that Google tailors the results based on the search intent, so you must be aware of your customers’ intent when they search for your business? This could be to compare your products with other businesses, purchase from you, or browse your website. 

If you want your business to rank well in the results, you need to be consciously aware of the search intent and match your content to that!

If you need any help with your local SEO, contact Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency today. 

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