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Vindicta Digital are a leading SEO Manchester Agency with an experienced team of experts in search engine optimisation and marketing. We strive to achieve the best results for businesses in Manchester and across the UK which will enable them to reach their full potential.  that will attain important web traffic inside the following 5 STEPS!


Looking for an SEO Manchester Agency? Check our process below:


SEO is an important part of your business’s overall marketing strategy and the key to ranking higher than your competition within search results. This is why the first initial step we take is researching where your business ranks initially and compare this to competitors to see what improvements can be made. We will analyse what keywords your customers are using online which will enable us to target them more effectively and drive them to your website. 


Before an SEO strategy is set in place, we will examine your existing website and check factors such as meta tags and descriptions, content quality and website speed as this information is critical for successful SEO and will inform our decisions about what solutions to implement. 


The optimisation stage is where our SEO experts in Manchester take action and implement;

  1. On-page SEO; Our team will begin optimising each of your web pages by applying the chosen keywords to your content and metadata – which provides information about the webpage in the HTML. By using the correct keywords, you can target your audience more accurately. 
  1. Technical SEO; Any necessary improvements are made to the technical side of your websites such as the structure, navigation and speed. Websites with pages that load quickly rank significantly higher than sites with slow loading pages, therefore, this can help search engines crawl, interpret and index your website more smoothly. 
  1. Off-site SEO; Action is then taken outside of your website which can also impact your rankings, such as using external links within your content that are reputable. This increases your websites relevance, trustworthiness and authority which Google uses to rank your site. 


72% of marketers say that relevant content creation is the single most effective SEO tactic, which is why our copywriters in Manchester are highly involved in the SEO process as they produce quality content which is relevant and engaging for your audience. Google also ranks websites depending on how relevant and up to date their content is, therefore if your content hasn’t been refreshed in a while, now is the perfect time to implement some creative copy which our team are more than capable of doing. 


The last stage of our SEO process is reporting, which ultimately is the most exciting stage for you and our team also as we get to see successful SEO results. You will be given full access to a reporting system where you can check daily where you’re ranking on Google and any SEO updates. We also suggest staying in touch to track the progress of your campaign which can consist of a quarterly meeting over a coffee! From this, we can make any tweaks that will further grow your SEO success and your business.  


Looking for an SEO Manchester Agency?

If you are in need of some SEO Manchester expertise, our team can help you develop an effective SEO campaign that can grow your business and revenue alongside your digital marketing strategy. Get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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