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Have you noticed a spike in your website traffic?  Google Analytics can sometimes tell us where the traffic is coming from, however, perhaps you can’t find the answer and are wondering why this may be. It’s important to know where your traffic is coming from so you can turn this into an opportunity and use it to support your SEO Belfast.


Here are some common reasons why your website is receiving spikes of traffic!

Industry trends

Perhaps there has been an increase in searches on Google around a specific topic. A great example of this is the global pandemic which seen the internet burst into flames as the human population began scrambling Google to find the answers to what Coronavirus actually was (which is why it was the no.1 search query of 2020 of course). Health-related websites who perhaps shared information on viruses could have seen a spike in their web traffic which proposed an opportunity to use SEO to their advantage by implementing the trending keywords.

If you notice a spike in your web traffic, it can be beneficial to check Google trends in your location to see if users are searching for something relevant to your business. 

Your brand has been mentioned somewhere

Have you launched a new product recently or had some media coverage? Spikes can occur if your brand is being spoken about online or through word of mouth, whether it’s positive or negative. There are social listening tools such as Google alerts that businesses can avail of that will help track mentions of all your business’s SEO keywords across social media platforms. It can also be worth checking on Google Analytics which landing page the traffic arrived to as this can also be an indication.  


Unfortunately, it’s best not to get your hopes up if your website has a spike in traffic as it sometimes can be due to computer programs, such as spiders, which crawl your web page to find new content and index on search engines. You can exclude traffic coming from spiders and bots in google analytics by;

Visiting admin >> View >> View settings >> Tick the checkbox “Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders”. This will help give you accurate traffic statistics. 

Freshly updated content

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll notice that the top search results were published recently because realistically, who wants to read outdated information? Updating your content regularly can increase web traffic whether it’s a new blog post or product as Google will see this as being trustworthy and therefore, rank you higher within search results. So, if you’d like to see more spikes on your analytics, try posting new content on your website a few times a week! 


Looking for an SEO Belfast Agency?

Web traffic spikes can be a nice surprise if it’s resulted from industry trends, positive feedback or your creative content however, most of the time this won’t contribute to your overall goals and growth. If you would like to increase your overall traffic, our team of SEO Belfast experts at  Vindicta Digital can help. From keyword research to content creation, we will create an SEO strategy to ensure your business climbs search engine results. 

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