Simple steps for a great SEO strategy 

Simple steps for a great SEO strategy 

Imagine that your organisation is redesigning its website, and you are in control of the content. Isn’t it exciting? Then your boss informs you that you are also in charge of search engine optimisation (SEO). Suddenly, the task no longer appears to be as exciting. You are not an SEO expert. You don’t have years of SEO experience. Panic begins to set in…

Hold on! Whether you’re taking over, enhancing, or just getting started with an SEO plan, the bones of SEO aren’t that difficult. Although there is an SEO science, you can still get to grips with the basic steps. 

Check out these easy techniques to develop a solid SEO strategy:

1) Understand Your SEO Keywords

You won’t be able to get far unless you know what keywords your target market is using to discover answers to problems that you address. This will need some research. Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer for your product or service. What would you type into Google? If you offer organic dog food, for example, your potential buyer is presumably worried about her dog’s health. 

Words like “sensitivities,” “natural,” and “balanced” appear in an inquiry “dog suffers food allergies.” Remember to consider similar terms, such as synonyms ( will be your best friend). 

2) Create High-Quality SEO Content (Naturally)

The idea here is to leverage your marketing intuition to generate interesting content that is helpful to your target audience. Information that is valuable is content that answers your buyers’ queries, gives them useful insights, and educates them. Remember to incorporate keywords naturally within the content you’re writing. Don’t try to fill your pages with repeating keywords. It will not improve your search ranking (in fact, it could hurt it). 

3) Use keywords in the URLs of your website’s pages.

Make sure you don’t ignore your page URLs because they are critical for SEO. This is where your keyword research may help you. For example, if a page discusses your solar finance product, the URL should be products/solar financing. Concentrate on the most popular and often searched relevant keywords. Choose the one with the greatest search rating if you can’t decide between “solar finance” and “solar leasing.” 

If you need any help with SEO or content creation, give us a call or get a quote, and one of our friendly team will be in touch. 

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