Top Manchester SEO Tips


Top Manchester SEO Tips

In a city like Manchester, SEO is becoming more and more competitive. This is why you need to nail down your strategy and ensure you are making use of the tips detailed below.

1. Know Manchester 

You need to use the knowledge of the local area to help you figure out where your customers are based. Are they in Burnage or Didsbury? Deansgate or Denton? It is important to nail down your local keywords in order to make an impact with Manchester SEO. This is not to say that you need to keep it small, but be sensible in which areas you want to target. It can be hard to get this right. If you are struggling to narrow down your keywords, a Manchester SEO agency will always be able to assist.

2. Mobile Responsive Site

Think about it, a customer could pass your Manchester store and look up your site while on the move. If your site isn’t mobile responsive you are loosing valuable customers. Not to mention, if someone searches up “Manchester restaurant” on their mobile and your site is non-responsive, it may not rank at all. It really is vital and effective to make sure your website is fully mobile responsive, after all, who doesn’t use their phone to search on Google? This may be a tricky task, if you get a Manchester SEO team onside, they will no doubt ensure your website is speedy and responsive.

3. Be Contactable

When customers get to your site it should be very clear how they can get in touch. Whether this be a live chat, email or telephone number, this is key to converting this traffic to sales. The ‘contact us’ section on your site should stand out and be very obvious to the customer. You may be thinking, how does this help with Manchester SEO? This helps as it will increase the time a user spends on your site, which Google sees as proof that your website matches the search. An experienced Manchester SEO agency will be able to look at your site and point out these small changes that can make a big difference to your SEO.

4. Have Video Onsite

Not only does a video allow you to showcase your business’ locality in Manchester, it will also increase the average time a user spends on your website. Having a professional, high quality video on your website can boost your Manchester SEO and has many of its own individual benefits. These include increasing your business’ credibility, engaging your customers and showing elements of your business that text can’t portray. A Manchester video agency will know exactly what type of video will best suit your company and bring the most benefits.

5. Hire A Manchester SEO Company

The recurring theme amongst these tips is making use of a Manchester SEO company. This is because it is the best way to ensure the strategies are implemented correctly. At Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency we have a specific Manchester SEO team, who know the ins and outs of SEO and how best to climb the search engine in Manchester. They also know how to conduct more wide scale SEO campaigns if ranking in other areas in the UK, Europe or further afield would benefit your business.

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