Liverpool: How to Utilise Social Media Post COVID-19


As Liverpool begins to emerge from lockdown life in the upcoming months, it’s important that businesses don’t neglect their social media in the midst of it all. Reopening your business will be an exciting time however, you should share that excitement with your followers. Many people will be rushing to get out and about, so how can you still utilise your social media among all the hustle and bustle?

Liverpool Social Media Agency

  1. Reopening promotions

When the day arrives for your business to reopen in Liverpool, attract consumers with some reopening promotions on social media. Some people may be conscious of their spending as the country tries to recover financially. So, do your bit by offering a discount code which is unique to your Instagram or Facebook followers such as ‘Social10’ for 10% off purchases. If someone isn’t following your business on social media, they will want to once they learn they can get a discount!

  1. Be proactive

As we have learned, the future is unknown therefore being proactive is key. It is expected that business will be booming once Liverpool begins to reopen. Being proactive could mean informing your customers when busy periods are occurring, promoting bookings or thanking them for their continuous support!

  1. Create a buzz in Liverpool

Everyone is anticipating the return to normal life and if it goes to plan, your business should be creating a buzz around this too! Launch a countdown on your social media until your opening day or ask your followers what they’re looking forward to the most. If you show that you’re excited, this will rub off on them.

  1. Get external help to manage

Many businesses moved online when the pandemic hit and therefore will need to manage both  in-person and online businesses. This might be difficult if you don’t have a large team who can help as you will have a list of 100 things to do when you reopen. It might be worth investing in some help to manage your social media. Our team at Vindicta Digital Liverpool would be delighted to help you out, so please ask us for any tips!

  1. Reassure your customers

Not everyone may be excited as you are for life returning to ‘normal’, which is totally fine. As a business, all you can do is reassure your customers that you have their health and safety at heart. Therefore, show them what measures you have in place to protect them such as applying with Government guidelines and maintain social distance. This shows that you don’t just care about your business but your customers as well.

If the stress of running a social media account alongside your daily work duties is too much for your schedule, don’t panic. There is plenty of help out there from freelancers to digital marketing agencies in Liverpool. As previously mentioned, you can count on our Liverpool team to give you a hand if needs be. Get in touch today to chat!

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