5 Social Media News Stories You Want To Read


Struggling to keep up in the digital world? There is so much going on right now but here are 5 Social Media news stories that are worth reading about!

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  1. Instagram announces “Story drafts’ are coming

Last week Instagram announced a new feature was on its way in the form of “Story drafts”. Just like users are able to save their posts to drafts for future posting, you will now be able to do the same for stories! This is great news as it’s a more flexible option for brands. And if they wish to announce something via their stories, they can have it prepared in advance.

  1. Twitter contemplates emoji reactions

Twitter is full of users expressing their opinions and stories and that’s why it’s so brilliant. Therefore, the addition of emoji-style reactions should be warmly welcomed by Twitter users as it provides the opportunity to quickly engage with tweets. Twitter have been surveying this option with users. Therefore, it’s not certain if it will go ahead but we doubt anyone would be opposed to it! The update could see users being able to “vote up or down” to tweets and similar to Facebook, react with certain emojis. This isn’t the first time Twitter has experimented with emojis. Users are able to react to Twitter DMs with them, so perhaps they are making the move!

  1. Facebook considers Audio-Only Rooms

Well, it was only a matter of time before Facebook jumped on the Clubhouse clone, wasn’t it? According to Social Media Today, Facebook has been working on their own audio-based rooms feature. It would see Facebook users create broadcast groups that other users can join or participate in. Users are already able to create video chat rooms on the platform therefore, this wouldn’t come as a surprise if it was launched! Could this give Clubhouse a run for their money?

  1. Social Media marketing thrived during COVID-19

A recent report by Socialbakers found that global social media ad spends, and reach continued to rocket in 2020 despite global lockdowns. By November 2020, social media spend had returned to its regular level and is looking up for 2021. This could be down to changes in consumer behaviour and therefore users engaged more with ads. If this suggests anything it’s that social media is a major key to success, even in a pandemic!

  1. Instagram for under 13-year-olds

Children are becoming aware of social media at a young age even more so nowadays compared to 10 years ago. A report from BuzzFeed suggests that Instagram is considering developing a kids version of Instagram which would enable under 13’s to use the platform safely for the first time. This age group are currently blocked from creating accounts (even though many still succeed in doing so) however it is hoped that a new version could stop this. It’s great to see Instagram take responsibly for children’s safety online. However, are there risks associated with introducing kids to social media so early on in life? I guess we will have to wait and see how it rolls out.

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