5 Key Components of a PPC Ad


If you want to maximise your online business, PPC ads are a highly effective option. Pay per click ads on search engines like Google, enable you to target your consumers when they search for keywords relating to your product. It enables your business to be seen above organic search results and therefore, increases your visibility. So, here are 5 components of a great PPC ad.


What are PPC ads?

Search Engine Marketing is also known as PPC (pay-per-click) which involves using paid tactics to gain a priority position within search engine results. Unlike SEO, PPC uses paid platforms such as Google Ads to reach your target audience. The process starts off by carrying out keyword research to see what your audience is searching for. These keywords will be used to run your ads against, which means that your ad will be displayed above organic results if it matches a user’s search query. So, what makes up a PPC ad?

  1. Eye-catching copy

When users are scanning the search results, you want to draw them in by using compelling copy. It’s important to make yourself stand out from the crowd and in other words, your competitors. What do you offer that they don’t? By proving different, you have a higher chance of receiving clicks.

  1. Headline

Eye-catching copy applies to your headline too. How are you going to make the user stop and read your ad? Try to include at least one keyword in your headline to trigger relevant traffic. This will also help the user recognise your PPC ad as a relevant match.

  1. Description

Typically, the first line of your description should include a key benefit that appeals to the target audience. Whether it’s being a local business or offering free shipping, state this to the user in the description to encourage them to click through.

  1. Call to action

To conclude the description will lead users to take action, include a call to action at the end of your copy. This could include “Contact Us Now” or “Sign up today” so that you are telling them what to do.

  1. Landing page

The chosen landing page of your PPC ad is the destination URL within your ad. In contrast, the display URL is the link the user can see from just looking at the ad. It is extremely important that the landing page is relevant to your ad copy and call to action. If it is not, your website may not be relevant to the user search query which can increase bounce rates!

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