7 Creative Ways to Utilise Instagram Stories


Instagram stories are an effective way to reach your followers especially when feeds can sometimes become overpopulated with content. They enable brands to have some fun with their audience as Instagram have a range of features, they can use such as polls, question boxes and stickers. So here are various ways in which you can utilise stories to engage with your followers.

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  1. Promote your posts

With Instagram’s algorithm, it can be hard to predict if your followers will see your posts or not. Make use of the ‘share to your story’ option on Instagram to promote your posts. This way, your followers can click through to view the post so it technically doubles your exposure!

  1. Q&A’s

Your followers may have questions about your products, want to find out more about your business or are simply curious about a ray of things. Instagram stories enable you to use a question box where users can submit their questions and you can select which ones you want to answer on your stories. This is an effective way to show your followers you care about their interaction and are willing to engage with them.

  1. Swipe up link to your website

For Instagram accounts with over 10,000 followers, you can use a swipe up link on your stories to direct users to a landing page. So, whether it’s your website, to buy tickets or to subscribe to another channel of yours, increase your engagement by driving traffic to your website.

  1. Show inside your business

If you work within an office, a store or a warehouse, give your followers a tour of your premises. You’d be surprised how many people enjoy seeing behind the scenes and it also shows a real side to your company as you’re letting your consumers in.

  1. Talk to your followers

It can seem daunting at the start, but the best way to connect with your followers is to chat directly with them via video. This can be done on your Instagram stories as you can record quick video clips of yourself with no editing hassle. So why not explain your new product verbally instead of writing a long caption about it?

  1. Use highlights

Once you have your Instagram stories off to a flying start, make sure you add them to highlights on your page. For example, cooking recipes, all your Q&As or a Meet the Team feature. This will enable users to go back and watch your stories instead of them disappearing after 24 hours.

  1. Story takeovers

Spice up your Instagram story content with guest takeovers! For example, if you run a fitness business, why not ask a nutritionist to do a story takeover where your followers can ask any nutrition questions they have? This can also gain attention from the special guests’ followers which could increase your own following.

Need a hand with your social media marketing?

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