Content Marketing – Getting Your Content Noticed

It’s great having 10 creative content ideas however if no one is going to see them, it’s the same as keeping them to yourself. Content marketing aims to serve a purpose and encourage people to engage however, you need to be proactive. So how can you get your content noticed? There are simple tactics you can use. Our digital marketing team in Northern Ireland suggests the following!



1. Don’t underestimate email marketing

Some people might think email marketing is a thing of the past, but your personal inbox is still full isn’t it? Hopefully, you already have an email list full of users who are interested in your brand. Once you have a new post or blog that you think is useful, send a short teaser in an email. This will help reach the users who may not have came across your post on social media or didn’t have time to look. Keep an eye on your analytics to see if it makes any difference!

2. Explore paid options

Advertising your content is becoming the norm nowadays. By utilizing the likes of Facebook ads, you can pay to target your preferred audience depending on demographics, interests, and location. This will give you a more prominent position on users’ news feeds. It’s also an effective way to not only reach existing audiences but potentially new ones too.

3. Engage with your community

When you create conversations with your audience, it makes them feel closer to your brand as they can see your personality. By joining the conversation, you have the ability to promote your content to those who are interested. Users can also begin to trust your business as they will view you as an authoritative figure. So, try starting a conversation in the comments section by asking your audience questions and respond back!

4. SEO

When writing content, include as many relevant keywords as possible. The more relevant your content is to a user’s search query, the higher your position will be in search results. This relates to the ‘Expertise’ factor which means your content will be easier to find as it matches their search query. Our Belfast SEO experts are always discovering which keywords will give our clients the best ranking on Google and overall, improve their web traffic.

5. Utilise social media

For content that is perhaps posted on your website, use your social media accounts to promote it. Include links to your content and create teaser social posts that will direct users to view it. Another tip is to use hashtags (yes they’re still in fashion!) as this will promote your content to people who may be interested in the topic. This will increase your chances of people seeing it and encourage them to engage.

Do you need advice on your content marketing strategy?

Sometimes your content is not being seen because it’s just not what people are looking for. Our Belfast Digital Marketing team are an expert in planning and creating valuable content for clients by incorporating SEO and most importantly, creativity. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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