Digital Marketing: What does iOS 14 mean?


You have probably heard recently about how Apple and Facebook are going head-to-head over the new iOS 14 update which Apple rolled out in September of last year. And yes, it is now almost March and they are STILL disagreeing over it. Marketers and business owners who use Facebook ads seem to be confused as to how it will affect them. This is quite understandable as no one knows the full impact as of yet. As a digital marketing agency, we are constantly checking how this will affect our clients who use Facebook ads. So, let us share with you the ins and outs!

What is the iOS 14 update?

iOS 14 is just a fancy name for Apple’s new operating system. Every once in a while, they make updates to give users a more helpful and personal experience. In September 2020, Apple announced iOS 14 and all the fresh new features that would come along with it. While the new update looked the part with new widgets and accessibility features, the bigger issue for marketers lay with the opt in-app tracking.

App tracking transparency

Digital marketing - iOS 14

As Apple has stated ‘Privacy is a fundamental human right…that’s why with iOS 14, we’re giving you more control over the data you share and how it’s used. So, this basically means that Apple will require all apps within the App store to display a message to users asking for permission to track their data outside of the platform. And of course, it’s assumed people do not want to be tracked and will simply opt-out of tracking – opposing a big issue for digital marketing.

Why does Facebook care?

Facebook use this valuable data to enable marketers to target their audiences and understand their interests when creating ads. This hit from Apple does not sit well with Facebook as they claim it will decrease the effectiveness of advertising for small businesses. These businesses will not be able to target their specific audiences like they have done before and will perhaps require more budget, which they might not have. Facebook has also claimed that if businesses experience a drop in conversions from ads, they will have no other choice but to make up for their losses through in-app purchases or subscriptions – which Apple profit from. Smart, isn’t it?

How can digital marketers prepare?

Our team of digital marketing experts are constantly reviewing the situation and seeing what impact the change is having. This is something all marketers or business owners should be doing too. Keep monitoring your ads performance as this update will likely not affect everyone but it certainly will change how we advertise.

As digital marketers, we understand that the industry is full of constant change and updates, which is completely expected. As long as you are staying on top of these you will be able to manage whatever comes your way. Perhaps this is a good time to rethink your advertising strategy? Our digital marketing team have extensive experience in Facebook ads so, get in touch today if you would like to chat!

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