Top Free Digital Marketing Resources in Liverpool


Whether you are running your own business, freelancing or wanting to learn tricks in the digital marketing industry, there is always room to expand your skills. Digital marketing can be of value to almost anyone who is using social media or operates a website. And with that in mind, our Liverpool digital marketing experts have shared their favourite resources that every marketer should avail of. So, here they are!


1. Canva

Are you perhaps freelancing or responsible for posting on your business’s social media account? Then listen up! Canva is a useful platform to create, edit and design a range of materials. From social media posts to newsletters, Canva offers FREE templates and tools to create engaging content quickly. The platform enables you to tailor each design to your business’s colour palette or font. On top of that, it requires very little skill to use therefore, it’s something everyone can get used to using.

2. Google Analytics Academy

Our Liverpool digital marketing team is full of Google experts who have spent years in training. Google has made it even easier for people to learn how to use their platforms such as Analytics. This is why they have created ‘Analytics Academy’ where digital marketers can gain a qualification by completing a free course. The course covers the basic and advanced principles of Google Analytics, and by the end of it, you will be able to use their Analytics software for whatever your purpose is!

3. Google Fundamentals of Marketing

Whether you’re a student or freelancer, Google’s fundamentals of digital marketing certification is the perfect place to start learning. This FREE course is even accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. You will be able to complete the 26 modules at your own pace which are packed with useful examples and practices to apply your knowledge, and then you will partake in an exam at the end. Gaining your certification will enhance your CV and help you master the basics of digital marketing.

4. Facebook blueprint

You might think Facebook is simple from a user’s perspective. However, when you are operating a business page, there are a few more tools and tricks you need to pick up. So, to help you become an expert, Facebook has laid out their blueprint course which covers courses on how to use business manager to target audiences. Even if you already know the basics of Facebook, this is a great way to refresh your knowledge!

5. Google Display Ads Certification

Do you want to know more about Google ads? By completing Google Display Ads Certification, you will be able to validate your knowledge and develop effective display strategies. The course will help you deliver the best results. And so, by earning your certification, you will be able to use what you have learned to increase the awareness of your business and reach new customers.

From working in a digital marketing team, our Liverpool experts have extensive experience and skills in using the appropriate tools to help businesses. With digital marketing, there is always a new skill or feature to learn therefore, you never leave the classroom! 

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