The Importance of Adding Graphics to Your Content


There are studies showing that it takes around 8 seconds for a visitor to make a decision whether they like a web page or not. Do you think well-written content can be read in that short time? No, only a well-crafted image can have an enticing effect on the visitor to read further.


A picture is worth a thousand words. And, when it comes to online businesses, a powerful picture is an incredibly efficient tool for an individual as well as a company. That’s not all; there are several more reasons why visual content is so important. Let’s take a look.

Brain conceives visual content faster than any other type of content

A human brain can process an image in just a few milliseconds; therefore, the use of effective visuals will definitely spark the interest of visitors and increase engagement in no time. This is highly beneficial when it comes to sending the message in the least given time. Studies have also proven that

  • Our eyes can register more than 36000 visual messages per hour that account for 10 visuals per second.
  • More than 90 per cent of the information that is transmitted to the brain is visual
  • When it comes to processing information, a brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than any text.

These figures clearly highlight the importance of visuals to the human brain. As users access more and more information, you only get a few seconds to grab the attention of users. The best possible way to do that is when you use visuals in your content.

Visual Content Increases webpage conversion

Your webpage is often the first impression that a person gets with your company, so how do you stand out from your competitors?

It’s easy to grab a few stock photos and some graphics, but if you really want to start creating engagement at a deeper level with your visitors, add some pictures of your own team throughout the website.

Adding personal touches to these pages shows visitors that there are people behind the product, and makes them more compelled to take that next step

Visual Content Stops the Social Media Scroll

Images are an essential inclusion for content that’s shared on social media. In a text-heavy timeline, users will pay more attention to a post that includes an image. Viewers tend to spend more time looking at these images, and this higher interest level is a critical first step in getting that coveted click or share. Tweets that feature a picture generate 150 per cent more retweets than those that stick to plain text. The response is similarly positive on Facebook, where a post with an image will yield 2.3 times more engagement.

The key to getting these impressive results is to feature an image that’s contextually relevant to the post. Beware of stock images, as these can quickly become so commonplace on social sites that users scroll right past them. You need to use an image that’s unique, attractive, and well-suited to your content. Don’t use a generic image of fingers typing on a keyboard or a user sitting at their computer screen, as these could apply to dozens, if not hundreds, of relevant topics. Choose something eye-catching, and you’ll boost your responses in an instant.

Providing Sharable Items

Graphics hold immense shareability, especially when thoughtfully crafted for that purpose. For instance, content related to home design and DIY can yield engaging visuals of completed projects, ideal for Pinterest boards. Similarly, an enticing image of a disassembled dish, coupled with recipes and culinary advice, can be a powerful shareable. Leveraging these visuals across platforms amplifies engagement, tailoring your content for maximum resonance and interaction.

Think about your target audience and consider how they use the internet. Which social sites are the most active on, and what types of graphics will perform best on these? Stunning travel, beauty, and food photos do well on Instagram. Twitter and Facebook are incredibly diverse, so you have room to succeed with nearly any relevant photo, provided that it finds the right audience. Always track engagement levels for your content so you can determine which types of photos perform best for you.

The Benefits of using Visual Content

You can invest a lot in SEO, Google ads and all the rest but without a good bank of images, the online marketing strategies you employ for your business can be wasted.

Images do so much more than just paint a pretty picture.

A study carried out by PR News found that online content with good images gets 94% more views than those without.

Images act as storytellers.  You can evoke an emotion, a dream or a vision simply by using a well-placed carefully composed image. Visitors to your website will ‘read’ the images and in a split second, make a decision whether or not the rest of your website content is relevant to them.

When it comes to the crunch – you can lead a customer to your product online, but unless it looks alluring and the image confirms that they need your product or service in their life, the customer will drop off at the final moment and they won’t complete the transaction/engage with your brand.

Although quality well-written text can be persuasive, some well-placed images can take it one step further.

Visual Content at Vindicta Digital

At Vindicta Digital, we love every opportunity to create high-quality content with our team.  Additionally, we’re always sharing photos that capture our journey and show off our brilliant team.

If you would like to elevate your digital marketing with visual content, contact us to book in for a consultation.

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