Why are my Facebook Ads Not Performing?


Facebook ads are an effective way to reach your audience and attract new followers who are relevant for your business across the largest social network. If you’re not advertising on Facebook, chances are your content is struggling to connect with fans organically. However, if you have dived into the world on Facebook ads and they aren’t performing as well as you’d like them to, here are some reasons as to why that might be!

You’re targeting the wrong people 

This may sound ridiculous as 1.62 billion people use Facebook daily, so how on earth are your ads not reaching anyone? The truth is, if your ads are poorly targeted, they will be shown to people who have no interest in your business. When creating your audience, start broad with factors such as age, gender and location then narrow it down by adding interests. Although be careful you don’t make your audience too specific as this can also affect reach!

Your Facebook ads aren’t appealing 

In order to make users stop scrolling down their news feed and focus on your ad, you need to use creative and relevant content. This can be as simple as a striking caption or if you really want to push the boat out, try using video content which has been proved to receive 20% more clicks than an image. However, it is all about testing, what works for your business might not work for another so, it can be worthwhile A/B testing to see what creative, copy or colours your audience prefers. 

The campaign doesn’t have enough budget 

You get what you pay for with Facebook ads and setting a budget really depends on your goal, which most of the time is to generate sales and leads. Take into account the size of your marketing budget and how much you plan to spend each month, around 20% of your Facebook ad spend should be dedicated to education, engagement, and audience-building which is a great starting point. If you spend too little, Facebook will stretch this out and will struggle to get you any leads. 

Your ad is low quality

You might receive a notice about your ad being labeled ‘low quality’, often due to various factors. Facebook curtails reach or disapproves ads that resemble spam or clickbait. To circumvent this, eschew direct engagement prompts like ‘Like this post and tag a friend.’ Instead, foster creativity in your captions, circumventing typical engagement solicitations. This innovative approach not only avoids red flags but also stimulates authentic interaction, enhancing your ad’s effectiveness.

You haven’t chosen the correct campaign objective 

Facebook ads fall under 3 objectives, from which you must choose one; Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. In order for your ad to deliver effectively, it’s important to choose a campaign objective that matches your business objective. So, if you want to generate sales from your website, traffic or conversion is a relevant objective as it will use your ad spend to encourage people to click through to your online store. If your ads haven’t been boosting your engagements or reach, simply try changing the objective!

Facebook ads can be tricky to figure out, especially if you’re new to them. Vindicta Digital work with clients across the world on Facebook advertising campaigns to generate an ROI, if you require some guidance and strategy, we are here to help. 

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