Artificial Intelligence Marketing: What is it?

Artificial Intelligence, what is it?

Artificial intelligence marketing (AI Marketing) is a method of leveraging customer data and AI concepts like machine learning to anticipate your customer’s next move and improve the customer journey.

By now, savvy marketers may have heard of Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI Marketing), the newest wave of data-driven marketing strategy that is taking the digital world by storm. Artificial Intelligence enables marketers to create highly personalized consumer experiences that cost significantly less than traditional high-dollar campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are an increasingly integral part of many industries, including marketing.

But while we often talk about using or incorporating AI in marketing, what do we really mean by that? What does it look like in practice?

Samsung and AI

Artificial Intelligence has been making the headlines in the past few weeks, all thanks to Samsung!

After weeks of teasing, Neon funded by Samsung has unveiled a more realistic “artificial humans” at the Consumer Electronics Show. The company builds artificial humans, which can act as avatars for people, businesses, and companies.

Basically, Neon makes video chatbots that look and act like real humans. However,  Neons aren’t all-knowing smart assistants, androids,  or copies of real humans, the company said in an FAQ shared with reporters.

“Neons are not AI assistants,” the company said. “Neons are more like us, an independent but virtual living being, who can show emotions and learn from experiences. Unlike AI assistants, Neons do not know it all. They can’t be asked to play music or say what type of weather will be today. ”

Instead, they’re designed to have conversations and behave like real people. They form memories and learn new skills but don’t have a physical embodiment, just yet. Neons can help with “goal-oriented tasks or can be personalized to assist in daily tasks requiring human touch”

They can act as teachers, financial advisers, health care providers, actors, or spokespeople.

Neon also said that whilst they can borrow some traif of real people, they can’t be our exact copies. Each designed Neon is unique and has its own personality.

Ways Social Marketers Can Use AI

AI applications are being built for almost anything. Although SMB marketers may have to dig a little harder to find the tools they need, almost every business could be using Artificial Intelligence.

We have outlined a few practical applications and benefits of AI for social media marketers at companies of any size.


Chatbots have been getting very popular due to better time – management. The use of chatbots saves your business a lot of time whilst getting potential customers and/or service users onboard quicker by supporting their inquiries straight away.

From fashion to health to insurance, intelligent chatbots are providing borderline magic customer support. And in some cases, they’re better at creating personalized content than humans.

A common misconception about chatbots is that simply having the word “bot” in the name makes it AI. This is not the case. Most chatbots currently available, whether used for customer service, auto-responses, or sales, heavily rely on human-powered branching logic and series of if-then statements to function.

The process of setting up a chatbot can be often an overwhelming experience as it’s almost as setting up an email for 100,000 people in the automation tool. But it’s ending results are rather surprising. In most cases, chatbots still have to rely on the help and expertise of real human beings to continue to maintain and update those rules moving forward.

Nowadays, AI-powered chatbots are commonplace.

However, you can take the opportunity to take your customer chat to the next level with personalized content marketing. Think about ways to employ AI agents as proactive advisers for every online visitor, not just for direct customer service interactions.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy comes down to making predictions about what to write about, how often to publish, which keywords to use, and so forth. Traditional content strategy is evolving and there’s a lot of money going toward the development of tools and platforms that apply machine learning to eliminate the speculation.

AI-enhanced PPC advertising

Most pay-per-click ad campaigns are managed by either in-house teams or a PPC agency. In other words, humans. But AI can help you uncover new advertising channels that may not be used by your competition.

If you work with large-scale PPC campaigns, machine-learning algorithms can help you find new ways for optimizing your layout, copywriting, targeting, and bids.

Intelligent email content curation

Your work team often spends hours compiling and scheduling weekly emails to multiple customer segments. That’s where the help from AI comes.

Algorithms can map a subscriber’s website experience and email browsing data to understand all the individual’s interactions with your content. This knowledge allows the algorithm to identify hyper – contextual content to create one – on – one personalized emails.

Dynamic emails can be compiled based on:

  • Previous website interactions
  • Time spent on a page
  • Wish list
  • Previously read blog articles and content
  • Most popular content at the time
  • The interest of similar visitors
  • Previous interactions with branded emails

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to send personal curated emails to every single customer. By analyzing a customer’s reading patterns and topics of interest to recommend specific content most relevant to that person, AI-assisted emails could become even more engaging for every single subscriber.

These are just some of the uses of Artificial Intelligence for marketers. AI enables marketers to fulfill a dream previously considered impossible – to engage with every individual customer in a personalized and meaningful way. Whilst it’s perfect for some businesses it would not work so good with the others. What is your own take on Artificial Intelligence? Do you think it’s the future of the digital world?

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