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For businesses with ambitious growth targets, a profitable Google Ads campaign is often a top priority.

Getting your website to rank at the top of Google for your most important search queries usually takes months, if not years. Google Ads is a fantastic way to position your business at the top of the search results straight away.

But when it comes to finding the right agency to tackle your ads campaign, you might not know what to look for…


So, how do you find the best Google Ads Agency in Liverpool for your business?

We’ve put together this list of key things to look for when choosing an agency to manage your PPC. Let’s get started!

1. Google Partner Certified

First things first, the ideal PPC agency should be a certified Google Ads partner. The Google Partner status signifies that an agency has delivered successful campaigns that demonstrate proficiency in advanced aspects of Google Ads. In short, if an agency has this badge, it means that Google recognises them as an expert in online advertising.

The ideal agency won’t make too big of a show about having it, but we advise you to look for it as a badge of approval from Google. This is a reliable first step in finding the right Google Ads agency. (If you were wondering, we have one).

2. Driven By ROI

Undoubtedly crucial, this aspect requires attention. Numerous agencies gauge PPC campaign success based merely on clicks and impressions, a limited perspective. Beyond visibility, sustenance requires more. A competent agency will invest effort to comprehend your business objectives thoroughly. Their focus lies in furnishing you with tangible returns on investment, reflecting their dedication to aligning strategies with your business’s core aspirations. Prioritizing outcomes over metrics, they forge a path to substantial growth.

Following on from your business goals, a good Google Ads agency in Liverpool will want to know what KPI’s (key performance indicators) really matter to you. From revenue to leads to specific regional visibility, the right agency will take the time to fully understand what matters to you as a business. Understanding your KPIs will also help the agency to produce valuable and actionable insights in their reports.

3. Service offerings

Of course, you know you’re looking for a Google partner. But do you need them to have Display Network expertise? Or be super skilled in Shopping feeds? Do you have an in-house designer, or do you need an agency with a design team? Consider all of these when vetting an agency.

Our team are accredited with Google and specialise in Google Ads, Google Shopping, Re-marketing, YouTube Ads, and the Google Display Network. Work with us to have Google Ads campaigns that gain you immediate traffic and ultimately, get you more leads and sales.

4. Strong & Relevant Track Record

As with  many aspects of digital marketing, experience is key. Take a look at some of the agency’s case studies, or ask for references from previous clients. While obtaining client names may not be possible an agency should be able to give you relevant information about similar PPC campaigns.

Does the agency hold any awards? Awards demonstrate that the agency’s work has been judged by industry experts and proven to be of a high standard.

Another important thing to consider is if the agency in question has experience in delivering campaigns that are relevant to you. If you’re a company dealing in bespoke consultation services, and the agency only has experience dealing with e-commerce clients, they may not have the right expertise in the type of campaign that you’ll need. Look for references from past clients that are similar to you, or operate in the same sector. The right Google Ads Liverpool Agency will offer bespoke campaigns tailored to your business goals. Which brings us on to…

5. Understands Your Business Goals

A good Google Ads Liverpool agency understands that marketing only succeeds when the campaign is tailored to the client’s target audience and goals.

Your ideal agency will take the time to get to know the goals of your business and the way your customers interact with you. During the initial consultation process, the agency will not only do their research into your sector, they will be actively asking about you as a business. Your services, your products, your competitors, your priority revenue streams and your market trends are all things that a respectable PPC agency Liverpool will want to know before setting up a campaign.

Final Notes when choosing a Google Ads Liverpool Agency 

In today’s business climate, standing out from the competition and having brand recognition can make or break your business. One of the best and most reliable paths to success is through PPC advertising.

It may be quite challenging to find the right PPC Agency to make your vision come to life. However, it’s a crucial step towards a successful project, so make sure to keep in mind the advice we’ve provided. Ultimately, the time and energy invested in the selection process will pay off.

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