Belfast Digital Marketing Agency: Lessons to be learned from viral marketing


Recently we have seen some brands absolutely smash social media campaigns which ended up going viral (which we will discuss in due course!). When this happens, we don’t know if it was intended or not. But there are definitely lessons we should take away from this! As a Belfast digital marketing agency, we love seeing these campaigns and so here is what we think brands can learn!



1. Twitter isn’t dead

There has been an ongoing debate for years on whether or not Twitter is dying out, but reasons keep arising to prove that it’s still alive and well! In the past week, we have seen Weetabix do that. If you haven’t seen it, the breakfast brand sparked controversy when they suggested ‘Beans on Weetabix’. The tweet began circulating and a long list of brands including Lidl and Marmite began to get involved with some hilarious replies! You can check it out here in all its glory. This shows the power of social media and why you should always strive to be creative.

2. Keep your friends close but your competitors closer

Most brands use social media to stand out and dominate their competition. However, there comes a time when a little friendly competition can work in both favours! We can learn from ASOS and Boohoo’s tiff on Twitter when ASOS called out its fashion brand competitor after it caught a Boohoo model wearing a pair of socks from its activewear range. The two brands Twitter accounts exchanged light-hearted tweets that really got customers talking! The point is these two brands are huge competitors, yet this gained them so much exposure and a chance to show their personalities. ASOS even took it a step further by giving customers a discount code to use on socks!

3. Be ready to change your strategy at any moment

This point doesn’t need to be explained. 2020 threw a massive spanner in the works and put a lot of events on hold. Marketing agencies spend precious time planning in advance for campaigns however last year left many going back to the drawing board. For example, in April 2020, 86% of marketers began delaying or reviewing their strategies. Although the pandemic created opportunities for brands to show a different side to them (like we had seen in the long-awaited Christmas adverts), it still highlights that you must be prepared for change at all times!

4. User-generated content is like gold

When Coca Cola first launched their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in Australia in 2011, the internet went mad and anticipated the launch in their own country. It eventually arrived in the UK and the U.S and even seen a 2% increase in U.S sales. This shows the power of creating something that users can get involved with and share online for everyone else to see. User-generated content is a great marketing tactic as it shows you care about customers and adds a personal touch!

Looking for a Belfast Digital Marketing agency?

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