Exploring the Evolving Landscape of Innovative Web Design Trends in 2020

 “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes – but when we look back, everything is different?” – C.S Lewis It’s the same with web design. Our industry continues to mature with each passing day, month and year. That change isn’t always immediately noticeable – but it never stops. And those who fail to

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): Enhancing Mobile User Experience and Website Performance

Let’s start by defining the term that not everyone is yet familiar with. What is AMP? AMP is a global initiative with one major goal; faster mobile websites. It stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. So initially, AMPs are a web component framework that enables the creation of accelerated mobile pages. As a result, a combination

How to Prevent Comment Spam as a Site Owner: Effective Strategies to Safeguard Your Website’s Integrity

When it comes to allowing comments on your site content, this is normally a great way to engage with your audience as well as receive feedback about how your content is being perceived. This type of content can also help significantly boost your SEO. Why is it Harmful? Whilst you may think that comment spam

Reach More Customers With Facebook Recommendations


Facebook Recommendations – To Reach UK Businesses Already rolled out in the US, Facebook is now beginning to roll out recommendations to us here in the UK – Facebook Recommendations is the latest element implemented to improve user experience on Facebook. If you’re a business owner you need to know this as it provides much

Why UX is Vital to SEO: Five Reasons Exploring the Impact of User Experience on Search Engine Optimization


Why UX is Vital to SEO: Five Reasons When it comes to optimizing the content on your website, there are two ways you can go about it. The first path available to your business is to invest in some well-done search engine optimization (SEO), which will allow you to effectively target your target audience, driving