Facebook Launches Shops: Empowering Small Businesses with a New Online Retail Space for Success and Growth


Earlier in the week, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is launching a shopping feature. This service will allow businesses to display and sell products on the world’s largest social networks including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Facebook will be also rolling out a tool to connect loyalty programmes and a shopping feature showing product tags underneath

How to Identify Your Online Target Audience: Uncover the Keys to Effective Audience Analysis and Targeted Marketing


By this stage, we already published a variety of different articles on targeting and attracting the audience. However, the main question is how to actually identify your online target audience? Your “target audience” is the overall audience you want to sell to or reach – it’s that simple. Your target audience may include a specific

Essential Link Building Strategies for SEO: Boosting Your Website’s Authority and Rankings


In the world of SEO, algorithms change and new strategies pop up every single day. While some specialists swear by new school teachings, others claim traditional SEO tactics are the only way. It’s hard to really say whether one method of SEO is truly effective. However, the most important SEO goal for any online website