Adding Page Experience to Google’s Algorithm


In May of last year, Google announced that in 2021, changes would be coming to how the search engine ranks websites. They later revealed that in May of this year, search rankings would now take into consideration page experience. This came after they carried out their own internal and external research and found that users prefer

Belfast Digital Marketing Agency: Lessons to be learned from viral marketing


Recently we have seen some brands absolutely smash social media campaigns which ended up going viral (which we will discuss in due course!). When this happens, we don’t know if it was intended or not. But there are definitely lessons we should take away from this! As a Belfast digital marketing agency, we love seeing

Belfast SEO: Why an Effective SEO Transition is Crucial When Building a New Website


Belfast SEO: Why an Effective SEO Transition is Crucial When Building a New Website When building a new website it can be tempting to start completely fresh. The problem? Being new also means being unknowable. And this is where an effective Belfast SEO transition can save you. Your website’s current SEO is instrumental in ensuring

SEO Belfast: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Images for Improved Website Performance and Search Engine Rankings


Optimising your web pages works wonders for your search engine rankings, but did you know you can do the same for images? Optimising your images for SEO Belfast purposes is simple and beneficial. Our SEO Belfast experts suggest the following tips on how to begin optimising your images for search engines. 1. Name your images