Adding Tik Tok to your Digital strategy


Recently, TikTok has noticed how many businesses have included their platform in their marketing mix. It is clearly an effective app where your business has the potential to be discovered and show your brand identity. With that in mind, TikTok has launched their own ‘TikTok for business’ account on the app which provides tips on how to use the app effectively and how to make the most of it. TikTok is also a platform where you can run ads. So, here’s why you should consider TikTok for your digital marketing strategy.


Engage in trends

Audiences on TikTok are always creating, following and jumping on the latest trends. By engaging in popular trends, will increase the visibility of your brand! It also shows that you’re not afraid to have fun and engage with the community. So, whether it’s a dance routine or a tutorial, get involved and enjoy it (if it fits your target audience of course)!

Grow your audience

With 1 billion monthly users on TikTok, it is guaranteed to offer a whole new pool of people that are waiting to connect with your brand. It’s no secret that some individuals have become sensations overnight and gained millions of followers from one or two videos. For example, Universal pictures were able to promote their upcoming movie by engaging in a popular topic. This resulted in 11K new followers inside 6 days! So, if you feel your audience has reached saturation point on other socials, see if there are new opportunities to grow your audience on TikTok.

Increase engagements

The average daily time spent on TikTok by users is 41 minutes. Imagine how much engagement you could actually receive in that space of time? TikTok offers the option to run ads on the app which show up on users ‘For You’ pages. However, this option might not be cost-effective for smaller businesses as they require minimum investment of $500 dollars for a campaign.

Show your personality

From professional and personal experience, it can be said that video is most definitely more effective than static images. 72% of customers watch videos to learn more about what your business is offering. TikTok is a great platform to be yourself and let your brands personality shine through. This can enable you to connect with your audience on a deeper level and even get them to interact.

Want to find out more about TikTok for business?

Our digital marketing experts in Liverpool are here to answer any of your queries on whether TikTok is right for your brand. Get in touch for a chat or check out our Instagram, and perhaps we might have a few creative ideas up our sleeves!

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