SEO: How to Optimize Your Podcast for Increased Visibility and Engagement


Podcasts and SEO are two terms you probably don’t expect to see in the same sentence. However, they do actually have some affiliations. There are currently 15.6 million podcast listeners in the UK and brands have taken this opportunity and used it to the fullest. It recently has become an effective way to reach new audiences and build a following. So, the question is, can you optimise podcasts in search engines?

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Podcast SEO

Google previously announced that podcasts would now appear in search results. Therefore, when users search for your business or perhaps your podcast, they will be able to find episodes right away. So, with that in mind, here is how you can incorporate SEO to ensure your listeners can find you!

How to optimise your podcast

  1. Metadata

Just like normal SEO practice, including metadata can give your listeners a quick introduction as to what the episode is about. This description will come in handy for search engine optimisation as the likes of Google will be able to understand what the podcast is about.

  1. Add keywords

Following on from metadata, keywords go hand in hand with it. It can be hard to include keywords within your podcast metadata as you won’t always be talking about relevant stuff (we all know how a casual chat ends up!). However, try to include keywords that are relevant to your purpose and will help listeners find you. For example, assuming you have a fitness podcast, but you cover all things mental health also, your keyword might be wellbeing. Including your location as a keyword can also work as you will be able to reach people in your target area!

  1. Appropriate title

As you probably already know, your podcast title means everything. When listeners are scrolling for a chosen topic, your title determines whether they pick your podcast or not. Ensure your title details what exactly your episode contains and remember to keep it short and sweet. It is recommended that you aim for 5 words or less with a maximum of 60 characters. This will help users see the full title and therefore, they will be able to make a quick decision whether to click or not. It can also be worth adding a keyword (which we spoke about in the previous point) into your title so that your podcast is displayed for relevant searches.

  1. Transcripts

Getting into the habit of transcribing your podcasts can be effective for SEO purposes. By transcribing your recordings, search engines will be able to understand your podcast details better, and therefore, improve your search rankings. Aside from SEO, transcripts can also make your podcast accessible for people who wish to refer back to it at a later stage. The thought of transcribing every recording is not exactly exciting, however, there is software available to do the job for you!

  1. Get on Google Podcasts

Google also have their own platform where individuals can upload their podcasts for listeners to find. This is an even more effective way to show up in search rankings as Google even provide you with an audio snippet for listeners to preview. Google podcasts are also a great way to track your SEO performance because you can search for your own podcast.

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