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If LinkedIn is part of your digital marketing strategy or perhaps something you and your colleagues enjoy using, then listen up! LinkedIn has recently noticed an opportunity to enable organisations, employees and professional communities to connect in an efficient way. Inspired by the change in the way we work, LinkedIn has announced an update to Pages. The update consists of new features to help businesses generate more leads and help employees engage.

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So, what are LinkedIn pages?

LinkedIn pages offer a platform for companies to post updates about their organisation, industry updates or current opportunities. Pages can be assigned to both employees and admins when they are signed in. Here is what to expect in the upcoming updates.

My Company Tab

LinkedIn has recognised that many organisations are still working from home, which requires employers to think of new ways to engage with their employees, and vice versa. The new update means that within the ‘My Company’ tab, page admins can now share organic content and suggest trending articles through a ‘Recommend’ tool, which employees can then reshare through a new ‘Content suggestions’ tool. This comes as their research found that 60% of employees are more likely to engage with posts from their co-workers.

They have even added an analytics feature to help you measure the reach and engagement of this program. So, if your content is working, try to rethink how you can connect with them!

Product pages to create communities

Product pages on LinkedIn were launched last year which enable businesses to create a page for a specific product. Now product pages have even more opportunities to generate leads as LinkedIn announced a ‘Leads-Gen Form’, which was previously an advertising tool however it is free within product pages now. So, if a user wants to find out more about a product, they simply click the call-to-action button and the form automatically populates with their profile information such as name, company and job title. This will help increase the chances of users converting and enables you to define your audience.

Swipe up feature

All pages and page admins can now make use of the ‘Swipe up’ feature on LinkedIn stories. This feature has been around for a while now however, it was still included in the update. This means pages can now direct users to a landing page which can maximise engagement and conversions. So, for example, if you want to direct traffic to your website or wish to promote a job vacancy on another site, this can be a great help!

If you’d like to get the whole scoop on the new update, you can read LinkedIn’s announcement here.

LinkedIn is a great platform to showcase your business and connect with a range of professionals. It is also an appropriate platform if your business wishes to reach the target audience of professionals, those in education or other businesses. If you would like to rethink your digital marketing strategy, our experts can help you do exactly that. Get in touch today!

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